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3 inspiring ideas for over 50s solo travellers

Embark on a transformative journey with these 3 inspiring ideas for over 50s solo travellers. Explore new horizons and redefine your sense of adventure.


It’s thrilling to be in a new era of solo travel. Not long ago, the idea of travelling the world without a friend, partner, or travel buddy might have felt daunting or been considered something that was far from the norm. These days, the rise in solo travel - as well as the tours and packages that have helped to facilitate it - means that over 50s travellers have the opportunity to go further than ever before.

In response to this wave of solo travellers, Newmarket Holidays has curated a range of singles tours - specifically geared towards over 50s travellers - to help you feel comfortable and welcome to see more of the world on your own. These trips include a number of helpful touches, inducing welcome drinks, group meals, informal get-togethers, and activities, so you can get familiarised with the other travellers on the trip.

If you are curious about what specific singles tours might suit an over 50s adventurer, we have some ideas for you:

Switzerland in the late summer

Switzerland trip is a wonderful way to wade into the waters of solo travel if you are a first-timer. The alpine beauty, quaint towns, rail journeys, and clean air will make you feel relaxed yet excited, about seeing the world in a new way. On this singles trip, you will get the chance to experience the scenic GoldenPass Train to Montreux, the landscapes surrounding picturesque Lake Geneva, and of course, the medieval gem and cheese-making town of Gruyères.

As an optional excursion, you can also tackle the Swiss capital of Bern, the outdoors lover’s town of Grindelwald and the resort town of Interlaken with the new friends you have made along the way.

Suggested tour:  Swiss Alpine Glories and the GoldenPass

The Titanic Experience

If a holiday for you means history and learning, rather than just experiencing beauty and scenery, Northern Ireland is a fantastic place for a singles holiday. Head to Belfast, where you can delve into one of the most fascinating shipwrecks of all time, the sinking of the Titanic.

The modern £97-million complex, the Titanic Experience, offers visitors the chance to understand the city’s history of shipbuilding and what went into the innovative construction of the famous vessel. You can also stroll through nine captivating galleries which document the tragic accident as well as the rediscovery of the ship during the 1980s. Expect interactive and audio-visual stations and life-sized reconstructions.

Belfast is also a fantastic destination for history and politics aficionados, with City Hall, Queen's and Stormont Castles, the Peace Wall, and the political murals of the Shankhill and Falls roads. Of course, you can’t go past a traditional pub (or two!) during your solo tour.

Suggested tour: Belfast & the Titanic Experience

The Dalmatian Coast

There’s nothing like a bit of warmth and sunshine to help you get into the spirit of solo travel. Head to the Balkans to experience some of Croatia’s most stunning areas, including Ancient Split, the walled city of Trogir, and the stunning Krka National Park.

Then continue onto Montenegro, where you can marvel at some of the Mediterranean’s beautiful, lesser-known beaches, dense pine forests and well-preserved medieval settlements against the backdrop of mountains and fjords.

Suggested tour: Dubrovnik, Montenegro & the Dalmatian Coast

Experience some of the world's most dynamic destinations in the company of a warm, like-minded group of fellow solo travellers. Check out our full range of singles tours here.

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