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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We understand that making purchases online involves a great deal of trust on your part. We take this trust very seriously, and make ensuring the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data that you provide to us one of our highest priorities.

    To find out how we use, share and protect your Personal Data, Click here to read our Privacy Policy.

  • Each of the holiday pages on this site contains information about the countries and locations you'll visit on that trip, and we send out additional information to passengers around two weeks before departure.

    We have a number of articles on our Travel Inspiration blog that take a more detailed look at the history, culture and cuisine of many of our destinations.

    You can also find up-to-date travel advice for 225 different countries and territories - including important information about passports and visas, visitor taxes, vaccinations, local customs and security - on the Foreign And Commonwealth Office website.

  • You will receive details of your baggage allowance with your final travel documents, which we will send approximately one week prior to your departure date. Typical baggage allowances on some of our most frequently used airlines are: 

    Easyjet - 15kg
    Ryanair - 20kg 
    Jet2 - 22kg
    British Airways - 23kg
    Flybe - 15kg
    Air Transat - 23kg
    KLM - 23kg
    United - 23kg
    Air New Zealand - 23kg
    Aeropa - 20kg
    Eurostar - two pieces of luggage per person

    To find details of other airlines' baggage allowances, please visit

  • Hand baggage weight and size varies from airline to airline, and is always subject to change. Typical hand luggage allowances on some of our most frequently used airlines are: 

    Easyjet - 10kg (56cm x 45cm x 25cm including wheels and handles)
    Ryanair - 10kg (55cm x 40cm x 20cm including wheels and handles)
    Jet2 - 10kg (56cm x 45cm x 25cm including wheels and handles)
    British Airways - 23kg (56cm x 45cm x 25cm including wheels and handles)
    Flybe - 10kg (55cm x 35cm x 20cm including wheels and handles)
    Air Transat - 10kg (51cm x 40cm x 23cm including wheels and handles)
    KLM - 12kg (55cm x 35cm x 25cm including wheels and handles)
    United - no weight limit (56cm x 35cm x 14cm including wheels and handles)
    Air New Zealand - 7kg (55cm x 35cm x 25cm including wheels and handles)

    To find details of other airlines' hand luggage allowances, please visit

  • For Domestic and European holidays, the recommended check-in time is two hours before your flight. For Transatlantic and other Long-haul destinations, you should check in three hours before your flight. If you are travelling by Eurostar, check in will be 45 minutes before departure.

  • You will receive details of the terminal you are flying from with your final travel documents, which are sent approximately one week prior to your date of departure. Alternatively, you can visit the websites below to find out which terminal different flights normally depart from. 

    London Gatwick Airport

    London Heathrow Airport

    Manchester Airport

    There are only a few UK airports that have more than one departure terminal, so if your airport is not on this list, you will simply need to proceed to that airport's 'Departures'.

  • For long-haul holidays, seating in economy class cannot be pre-booked. Once you receive your final travel documents, some airlines will permit you to allocate your seats. The procedure for doing this will vary between airlines, but will be clearly shown on your documents. In most cases you will need to contact the airline and pay any costs directly to them. If your holiday is flying with Air Transat, we will be able to help with pre-booking your seats at a charge that will vary depending on the seats required. Airlines operating UK Domestic and European routes will allocate your seats when you check in, and so we are not able to pre-book seats on their flights.

  • As a Group Tour Operator, we often book several different passengers onto a flight in one group reservation. When checking in for your flight, you may notice that other passengers have not filled in their advance passenger information (API). This may result in a delay in printing your own boarding passes.

    Please be assured that we monitor this situation constantly, and that boarding passes will be available to all passengers in advance of their departure date.

  • Approximately one week before your departure date you'll receive your final travel details, either through the post or by email. These will include information about where you will be picked up and at what time, flight details if relevant, and everything else you'll need to know before you travel.

    For theatre shows, concerts and sporting events, your event tickets will be given out by the Tour Manager or coach driver once you have arrived at your destination.

    Passengers making their own way to an event will receive their tickets at their hotel.

  • Yes, it is a condition of booking that all people travelling overseas with us have suitable travel insurance. We offer insurance at a competitive price, so please call 0330 160 7707 for more details.

  • We know that a convenient local pick-up point is important to you, so we offer a choice of 385 pick-up points across the country. All of these pick-ups are offered subject to a minimum number of passengers (usually four) choosing them. In the unlikely event that an insufficient number of passengers book your chosen pick-up, we may ask you to join the coach at the nearest operating pick-up point.

  • Yes, certainly. Approximately six weeks before your departure date you will receive a pre-sailing pack. This will include an excursions form. Simply complete the form and send it to Cruise & Maritime Voyages at least seven days before your departure date.

  • No, we no longer send out luggage labels to our customers.

  • If you can't find a particular holiday when browsing our site, your best bet is to try using the Site Search tool that you'll find in the top right of each web page.

    If that doesn't bring back the holiday you're looking for you may also want to check our Sitemap - as that lists all the holidays we're currently selling online.

    Finally, you can always send us a message through our Contact Us page and we'll do our best to help.

  • A small number of the holidays shown on our site are not available to book online (you'll know because there's no panel to select a departure date in the top-right corner of the Holiday Details page). You may still be able to book these holidays over the telephone, though, so please call our Customer Services Department on 0330 160 7700 for help making a booking.

  • Full details of almost all of our current holidays and breaks are available to view and book online, but if you would prefer to receive a printed brochure through the post you can use the 'Request a brochure' link on our homepageto have a selection sent to you.

  • You can pay your outstanding balance in full or in instalments, with your credit or debit card, through our secure, online booking management system, called 'Manage My Booking'.

    Click here to visit Manage My Booking.

    Payments can also be made through the post by cheque, Banker's Draft, Credit or Debit Card, to:

    The Newmarket Group
    Cantium House
    Railway Approach
    Surrey SM6 0BP

    Cheques should be made payable to Newmarket Holidays Ltd. To make a payment over the telephone, please call our Customer Services Department on 0330 160 7707.

    (Unfortunately you won't be able to pay your balance online if you booked through a Travel Agent.)

  • If you're receiving your booking details from us via email you will be sent a Payment Reminder email seven days before your final balance is due. This email will contain a link to our online booking management system ('Manage My Booking'), where you will be able to pay your outstanding balance online with your credit or debit card. 

    No reminder will be sent out for bookings managed through the post, but your final balance due date (marked "DUE") will appear in the bottom right corner of your Confirmation of Booking.

  • An initial Confirmation of Booking is sent out by email or post when you book, and any changes made to your booking (such as purchasing optional excursions) will generate a revised confirmation. If you received your confirmation by email you will also receive email confirmation of any balance payments made, but we do not send out receipts for balance payments for bookings confirmed by post unless requested to do so.

  • Contact us by telephone or email us at immediately. We will ask a number of security questions when you call, to ensure that your cancellation is genuine, so please have all your booking details to hand. Cancellation charges will apply as detailed in our Terms and Conditions of Booking.

  • Many airlines now operate a ticketless system, and so your final travel details will include an Electronic Ticket (E-ticket) number. Simply take your final travel details with you when you check in, and show this number to the check-in clerk. One number will cover your whole party on the outbound and inbound flight with the same airline.

  • All Final Travel Details for holidays and breaks travelling by rail should include tickets. In the unlikely event that you haven't received any, please contact our Customer Services Department on 0330 160 7707

  • For holidays and breaks travelling by coach, any tickets that you need will be given out by the Tour Manager or coach driver. For holidays where you organize your own travel (what we call Make-Your-Own-Way Breaks) any tickets that you need will be given to you at your hotel.

  • If our excursions haven't already sold out when you arrive in your holiday destination, you will be able to book them with your Tour Manager, but to avoid disappointment and to enjoy a pre-booking discount), we suggest that you sign in to our online booking management system ('Manage My Booking') and book your excursions there. 

    Click here to visit Manage My Booking.

    If you are trying to book less than two weeks before your departure date, however, please call our Customer Services Department on 0330 160 7707 to see if we have any spaces remaining.

  • All holidays and breaks to overseas destinations require a passport valid for three to six months after the date of return travel, depending on the destination. A passport (or at least photo ID) is also required for internal UK air travel. A valid passport is also essential for all our cruises, and British Citizens must hold a full 10-year passport, issued in the UK, and valid for at least six months after the return date of the cruise.

  • Due to heightened security, it has become extremely important that the names and titles given on any travel documents match those on your passports exactly. Please check that the genders, salutations, first names and surnames of your party shown on your documentation match the passport information (middle names are not necessary). If they do not, you can correct the details online through our secure online booking management system ('Manage My Booking').

    Click here to visit Manage My Booking.

    If you're unable to access our online booking management system, please call our Customer Services Department immediately on 0330 160 7707 so that they can make the corrections for you.

    Amendments must be made as soon as possible, and we regret in some cases charges may be levied in accordance with our booking conditions. We cannot be held responsible should the airline charge you or refuse to carry you.

  • Transfer times vary widely according to destination. In most cases, the transfer time will be shown online, on the Holiday Details page of the holiday you have booked. If they do not appear here, you can contact our Customer Services Department on 0330 160 7707 for further details.

  • Unfortunately we cannot guarantee toilet facilities on board coaches within the UK, or on those coaches that are used to operate any part of our holidays that depart the UK by air, but we will make regular comfort stops throughout your journey. Our coach tours that depart from the UK and travel to Europe via a sea crossing on our European coach tours, however, do use full executive coaches, which have toilet facilities on board.

  • Click here to see a table of the currencies used by different countries.

  • If we haven't already supplied them, the details and name of your hotel will be included in your Final Travel Details that you receive approximately one week before departure. If you have booked an Allocated on Arrival Late Deal, your hotel details will be confirmed to you when you arrive at your destination.

  • Click here for up-to-date forecasts for countries, regions and cities around the globe.

  • Signing in to 'Manage My Booking' is easy and secure. To sign in successfully you will need three things:

    1. Your six-character Booking Reference
    Your Booking Reference number should start with a letter, and look something like this: 


    It can be found in the third line of your Booking Confirmation email, or to the right of the postal address near the top of the paper invoice if you received one through the post. (On paper invoices the Booking Reference is followed by a slash, a number, a dash and two or three letters. These are not part of your booking reference and are not needed when you sign in.) 

    2. The surname of the Lead Passenger
    This will be the surname given in the first line of your Booking Confirmation email, or at the top of the postal address on your paper invoice if you received one through the post. 

    If you have previously changed the surname of the Lead Passenger, either by telephone or through 'Manage My Booking' , please use the updated surname as given in the update Confirmation email or paper Invoice that you should have received. 

    The lead passenger will be listed as 'First Passenger', 'Passenger One' or 'Lead Passenger' inside 'Manage My Booking'. 

    3. The departure date of your holiday
    Your holiday Departure Date can be found in the second line of your Booking Confirmation email, or on the third line of the printed text in the 'Details of Invoice' panel on your paper Invoice if you received one through the post. 

    Please make sure that you enter all of these details completely and correctly before you click on the 'Sign In' button. 

    Click here to go to Manage My Booking.

  • There are three possible reasons why you might not receive an email from us that you were expecting:

    1. An incorrect email address
    The most common problem is a simple typing mistake - either spelling errors, or "" instead of ".com" etc. To check the email address we have for you, simply sign in to our online booking management system ('Manage My Booking') and go to the 'Change my personal details' page. If you change the email address here, a 'Booking Update' email will be sent to the address you've entered.

    Click here to visit Manage My Booking.

    2. Email filters set too high
    Particularly common with Hotmail and BT Internet accounts, this makes your email account filter out all automatically generated email - including ones from us. Try temporarily switching off or lowering the setting on your 'junk mail' or 'spam' filter. Alternatively, you can add our addresses, and, to your email Contacts or Safe List.

    3. An unaccountably lost email
    This isn't very common, but if it does seem to be happening and nothing else has worked, please give our Customer Services Department a call on 0330 160 7707 (calls charged at local rate).

  • Yes, you can. We work with Holiday Extras to offer you great deals on car parking airport hotels and private airport lounges from many of the airports we work with. Click on the link to find out more.

  • Cabin numbers starting IG or OG mean that you have booked a Voyager Fare cabin and are guaranteed at least a Standard Twin Cabin Inner or Ocean View (IG stands for Inside Guaranteed, and OG for Outside Guaranteed). Your actual cabin number and category will be allocated shortly before departure.

  • We are keeping a very close watch on the unfolding political situation, and we hope to keep disruption to our operations and your holidays to a minimum. You can find out more about our Brexit Guarantee here.