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Classic China & Yangtze River Cruise

16 days from £2599*
Departing: November 2018 - November 2020
* Price shown: 11 November 2018 from LHR - VS250



Spellbinding China

Join us for a mesmerising mix of man-made sights and astounding natural wonders. From Shanghai's glass and steel to centuries-old Beijing, this tour takes in Giant Pandas, Xi'an's legendary Terracotta Warriors and the 'silk city' of Suzhou. On a cruise down the ageless Yangtze, you'll witness the spectacular Three Gorges Dam - an engineering marvel - and discover a land rich in myth, legend and stunning scenery.

Tour Highlights

  • Explore Shanghai's Old City and Yuyuan Chinese Gardens
  • Journey to ancient Suzhou and enjoy a canal cruise and a visit to the old city and the silk embroidery institute
  • Experience Beijing - including visits to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace
  • Journey to the Great Wall, and see the Olympic Stadium
  • See giant pandas in their natural habitat
  • See the Terracotta Army in Xi'an
  • Sail along the Yangtze and visit the Three Gorges Dam

What does the price include?

  • 10 nights' accommodation at a series of good-quality hotels in Shanghai (2 nights), Suzhou (1), Beijing (3), Chengdu (2) and Xi'an (2) with breakfast and lunch
  • Eight dinners, including a Peking Duck dinner
  • A Shanghai city tour and a visit to the Pearl Tower
  • Entrance to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre in Chengdu
  • A guided city tour of Xi'an
  • A four-night, five-star, full-board Yangtze river cruise
  • High-speed train journeys from Suzhou to Beijing, and from Chongqing to Chengdu
  • Return flights from your chosen airport to Shanghai
  • All internal flights in China
  • Comfortable, air-conditioned coach travel and transfers
  • The services of expert, English-speaking guides in China
  • Fully escorted by a friendly, experienced Tour Manager


Single rooms are available for a supplement

N.B. Visas are required for travel on this tour (see Further Information)

Your Itinerary

Day One: Fly to Shanghai

Board your overnight flight to Shanghai.

Day Two: Arrive in Shanghai and enjoy a guided tour of the city

Upon arrival, meet your guide and transfer to your hotel, before enjoying a guided introduction to this amazing city. The colonial grandeur of the buildings that line the west bank of the Huangpu River, on the famous Bund, hint at past glories, and are now surrounded by the modern city's gigantic skyscrapers.

Your tour will include a visit to the rocket-shaped Pearl TV Tower, which surveys the city, and the fascinating Shanghai City History Museum.

Day Three: Tour Shanghai's Old City and travel to Suzhou

This morning, tour Shanghai's Old City, at the heart of which is the 16th-century Yuyuan classical Chinese garden, with its pools, walkways and bridges - a haven amongst the bustling bazaars and street markets.

After a fascinating morning, board the coach for the 90-minute journey to the ancient city of Suzhou and your next overnight stay.

Day Four: Explore Suzhou and travel to Beijing

With its silk trade associations, tree-lined waterways and thousand-year-old classical gardens, Suzhuo, set on the Grand Canal, is a breathtaking gem. Discover the Old City's charms, visit the beautiful Lingering Garden and the Silk Embroidery Institute, and enjoy a canal cruise as this fascinating place is brought to life by your guide.

Late this afternoon, board a high-speed train for the journey north to Beijing, where you'll spend three nights.

Day Five: Enjoy a tour of Beijing

Tour the Chinese capital with your guide, visiting some of its most famous attractions. You'll see Tiananmen Square, site of Chairman Mao's tomb and gateway to the great Imperial Palace (the iconic Forbidden City). In the Palace's ceremonial halls and living quarters, as well as in part of the vast museum, you'll gain an insight into the extraordinary lives led by its privileged occupants - 24 Chinese emperors.

You'll end your day in Beijing with a traditional 'Peking Duck' dinner.

Day Six: Visit the Great Wall of China and the Olympic Stadium

The Great Wall of China is famously (though not entirely accurately) the only man-made structure visible from space. Travel to Badaling, where, amid steep, forested hills, part of the wall has been lovingly restored, and it's easy to appreciate the immensity of this marvellous feat of engineering.

Your day will also include the opportunity to see the exterior of the amazing 'Bird's Nest' stadium from the 2008 Olympic Games for yourself. This evening, you might choose to join an optional excursion to the world-famous Beijing Opera, to discover its mix of song, dance and acrobatics.

Day Seven: Visit the Summer Palace and begin your Yangtze cruise

The majestic and tranquil Summer Palace at Yiheyuan is today's destination. You'll also have the opportunity to step back in time on a rickshaw tour of the ancient hutongs, Old Peking's fast-disappearing labyrinth of narrow alleyways.

Bid farewell to Beijing, transferring to the airport to fly to the port of Yichang. There you'll meet a five-star ship for your cruise on the Yangtze, the third longest river in the world. The journey upstream is highly enjoyable, not least for the change of pace.

Day Eight: Visit Three Gorges Dam

Spend three unforgettable days enjoying the ever-changing vistas from your ship, as you cruise the mighty Yangtze River. Rest and relax on board, join early morning Tai-Chi sessions and hear the legends of the Three Kingdoms.

First off, you'll visit the immense Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydroelectricity project - a controversial feat of engineering that has wrought drastic change on the riverscape. You'll then sail through Xiling Gorge, the longest and deepest of the Three Gorges, which together stretch over 200km and vary from 100 to 300 metres in width.

Day Nine: Sail through Wu Gorge and Qutang Gorge

The 'Small Three Gorges' on the Daling River are a stunning backdrop for an excursion by boat. Sail through Wu Gorge and Qutang Gorge, admiring the sights of one of China's most dramatic regions. Though changed forever by the famous dam's construction, the landscape retains the spectacular grandeur of its 900-metre cliffs and jagged peaks.

Day 10: Visit ancient Fengdu

Early risers can join in the on-deck Tai Chi session before a buffet breakfast. This morning's port of call is the 2000-year-old 'Ghost City' of Fengdu, a place shrouded in ancient legend and Taoist teachings about the afterlife.

For your last evening on board, join the Captain for a Farewell Dinner and crew show.

Day 11: See the sights of Chongqing

Disembark in Chongqing, and enjoy a guided introduction to one of modern China's fastest-growing cities. Visit the contrasting 100-year-old streets of Ciqi Kou and explore beautiful Goose Neck Park, before boarding a fast train into Sichuan province and the relaxed, modern city of Chengdu, where you'll stay for the next two nights.

Day 12: See pandas at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre

In Eastern Sichuan's capital, modern developments contrast with the traditional tea-houses and colourful shops of old Jinli Street. One of the highlights of your stay in Chengdu will be a visit to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre - learn about these wonderful creatures and the steps being taken to ensure their future survival.

Dinner this evening will give you an opportunity to sample traditional Sichuan cuisine.

Day 13: Fly to Xi'an

Today you'll fly to China's ancient capital, Xi'an, for a two-night stay. You'll visit the ancient city walls of this fascinating treasure trove, with its Great Mosque in the Muslim Quarter and its Tang dynasty monuments. This evening, enjoy a traditional Dumpling Dinner.

Day 14: See the Terracotta Army

An unforgettable day awaits, as today brings a chance to marvel at the legendary Terracotta Army - some 8,000 lifelike foot-soldiers, horsemen and charioteers discovered in 1974 - now one of the world's greatest tourist attractions. Close by, the yet-to-be-excavated tomb of emperor Qin Shi Huang is said to contain a vast underground city.

You'll complete your tour of Xi'an's ancient treasures with a visit to the Small Goose Pagoda, before an evening in the city.

Day 15: Fly back to Shanghai

You'll fly back to Shanghai for a final evening in modern China's most vibrant metropolis. Discover the preserved streets of the former French Concession, also home to some of Shanghai's most chic boutiques. This evening, complete your visit to China with an optional City Nightscape Cruise.

Day 16: Return to the airport for your flight home

Transfer to the airport, early this morning, for the daytime flight back to the UK at the end of a truly wonderful holiday.

Departure Airport Date Price From
ABZ 11 November 2018 £2799
ABZ 21 April 2019 £3049
ABZ 19 May 2019 £3199
ABZ 09 June 2019 £2999
ABZ 08 September 2019 £3199
ABZ 10 November 2019 £2949
ABZ 26 April 2020 £3099
ABZ 17 May 2020 £3249
ABZ 14 June 2020 £3049
ABZ 13 September 2020 £3249
ABZ 08 November 2020 £2999
EDI 11 November 2018 £2799
EDI 21 April 2019 £3049
EDI 19 May 2019 £3199
EDI 09 June 2019 £2999
EDI 08 September 2019 £3199
EDI 10 November 2019 £2949
EDI 26 April 2020 £3099
EDI 17 May 2020 £3249
EDI 14 June 2020 £3049
EDI 13 September 2020 £3249
EDI 08 November 2020 £2999
GLA 11 November 2018 £2799
GLA 21 April 2019 £3049
GLA 19 May 2019 £3199
GLA 09 June 2019 £2999
GLA 08 September 2019 £3199
GLA 10 November 2019 £2949
GLA 26 April 2020 £3099
GLA 17 May 2020 £3249
GLA 14 June 2020 £3049
GLA 13 September 2020 £3249
GLA 08 November 2020 £2999
LHR 11 November 2018 £2599
LHR 21 April 2019 £2849
LHR 19 May 2019 £2999
LHR 09 June 2019 £2799
LHR 08 September 2019 £2999
LHR 10 November 2019 £2749
LHR 26 April 2020 £2899
LHR 17 May 2020 £3049
LHR 14 June 2020 £2849
LHR 13 September 2020 £3049
LHR 08 November 2020 £2799
MAN 11 November 2018 £2799
MAN 21 April 2019 £3049
MAN 19 May 2019 £3199
MAN 09 June 2019 £2999
MAN 08 September 2019 £3199
MAN 10 November 2019 £2949
MAN 26 April 2020 £3099
MAN 17 May 2020 £3249
MAN 14 June 2020 £3049
MAN 13 September 2020 £3249
MAN 08 November 2020 £2999
NCL 11 November 2018 £2799
NCL 21 April 2019 £3049
NCL 19 May 2019 £3199
NCL 09 June 2019 £2999
NCL 08 September 2019 £3199
NCL 10 November 2019 £2949
NCL 26 April 2020 £3099
NCL 17 May 2020 £3249
NCL 14 June 2020 £3049
NCL 13 September 2020 £3249
NCL 08 November 2020 £2999

Highlights of China and Yangtze Cruise Touring Hotels 

You will be staying in a series of good hotels, of at least a European three-star standard.

Further Information

Hotel transfer times

The transfer time from the airport to your hotel is approximately one hour.

Board arrangements

The tour includes full-board accommodation except for Days Four and Six, when only breakfast and lunch are included.

Cruise excursions

Please note that optional excursions during your cruise can be booked on board, and are not available in advance.

Yangtze River water levels

The water level of the Yangtze can change. If the level becomes too high or too low your ship's sailing schedule may have to change, and the ship's crew reserve the right to do this at any time.

Passports and Visas

British citizens require machine-readable passports when travelling overseas. Your passport must contain two blank pages and be valid for six months beyond the entry date to China. A visa is also required for entry to China. Full details of how and when to apply will be sent out about eight weeks before departure. The current visa charge is £151 for British Citizens.

Foreign Office Travel Advice

Visit to find out the latest Foreign And Commonwealth Office travel advice for your holiday destination, as well as information about passports and visas.

On your flight

All outbound flights leave in the evening and land at your destination the next day. All return flights leave in the morning and land in the UK on the same day. On-board meals will usually include dinner and breakfast on outbound flights, and lunch and a snack on the flight home. Drinks are complimentary.

Luggage allowance

You are permitted to take one suitcase per person on the aircraft, which should not exceed 23kg.

Special requirements

If you have notified us of any special requirements, please check that they have been noted and acknowledged. This is especially important with any dietary needs you may have.

Disabled access

The majority of our tours involve a certain amount of walking, including a short walk from the coach stop to the town, attraction or venue you're visiting. If you are bringing a wheelchair, please let us know at the time of booking so that appropriate arrangements can be made. In many developing countries access is sometimes not as easy as at home. Should you have walking difficulties, getting around monuments and attractions may be harder and, in some cases, impossible. Should you have any concerns whatsoever please do contact us prior to travel.

Travel vaccinations

Requirements and advice can vary over time, and from person to person, so please contact your GP about eight weeks before your trip to check whether you need any vaccinations or any other preventive measures.

Itinerary changes

Occasionally, for operational reasons, we may have to change the order of the excursions on your holiday. The final day-by-day itinerary will be confirmed on your Final Travel Documents, which you will receive approximately three weeks prior to your departure.

Changes to your hotels

Should circumstances require, we reserve the right to accommodate you in alternative hotels, of a similar standard, nearby. Full details of your hotels will be sent with your Final Travel Documents.

*This low deposit offer applies to new bookings made between 11th September and 3rd October 2018 only. This offer applies to selected flight-inclusive holidays only. Exclusions apply. This offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.