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Prague, Budapest & Vienna

8 Days From £689*
Departing August 2014 - October 2015
* Price shown: 02 Nov 2017 from London Stansted - STN
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Exquisite, unforgettable cities

Experience the breathtaking Bohemian capital of the Czech Republic, the beautiful Pearl of the Danube and the great Imperial capital of the Habsburg Empire, and pay a visit to striking, Slovakian Bratislava, as we reveal some of Europe's greatest cities on our great-value tour.

Tour Highlights And Inclusions

  • Enjoy an included tour of historic Prague
  • See the Charles Bridge's blackened statues and Old Town Square's fascinating astronomical clock
  • Journey through beautiful, forested Bohemia
  • Pay an en-route visit to cosmopolitan Bratislava
  • Explore twin city Budapest, with its style and traditional thermal baths, on a guided tour
  • A river cruise in Budapest, with stunning views of the vast Gothic Parliament
  • Hungary's Gothic parliament buildings grace the Danube
  • A guided tour brings to life Imperial Vienna
  • See the Ringstrasse buildings and the Hofburg Palace - home to the Spanish Riding School
  • Seven nights' carefully chosen bed and breakfast accommodation in four-star hotels in Prague (3 nights), Budapest (2) and in Vienna (2)
  • Return flights from your chosen airport to Prague
  • Comfortable, air-conditioned coach travel and transfers
  • Fully escorted by a friendly, experienced Tour Manager

Single rooms are available for a supplement


Day One

Fly to Prague and transfer to your hotel. Depending upon your arrival time, there may be time to explore. A delightful, pedestrianised city, Prague is crammed with bars and restaurants to suit most tastes and pockets.

Day Two

Join our walking tour of Prague to see its exquisite Old Town. Cross the River Vltava, by the Charles Bridge, to the Hradcany district dominated by the imposing castle, great St Vitus' Cathedral and the historic Royal Palace. Afterwards, go exploring - perhaps in the city's many museums and galleries.

Day Three

Today we head through the forests of Bohemia to the Slovakian capital Bratislava, a cosmopolitan city of Baroque palaces and stunning churches. After a chance to explore, and our first glimpse of the 'Blue' Danube, we continue to Budapest where you can enjoy an evening visiting the famous cafes.

Day Four

Budapest is in fact two cities set astride the majestic Danube. One 'half' is Buda, an elegant hillside of opulent buildings. Discover the medieval houses of the castle district, the frescoes in medieval Matyas Church and the spectacular views from Fishermen's Bastion.

The city's other 'half' is Pest, a bustling hive of museums, galleries, thermal baths, restaurants and bars. See the Gothic Parliament beside the river and the colonnades and statues of Heroes' Square. You'll will also enjoy a Danube River Cruise and, later, have the chance to join our optional folklore evening to enjoy traditional Hungarian food and music.

Day Five

This afternoon we reach Vienna, capital of the Habsburg Empire and site of the world-famous Hofburg - home to the Spanish Riding School and the Vienna Boys' Choir. See the Baroque palaces, the cathedral and many museums, and wander the elegant arcades and famous Ringstrasse.

Day Six

Join today's optional excursion to the Schonbrunn Palace. The magnificent building was an Imperial summer home, and its great apartments and opulent saloons once echoed with the music of the young Mozart. Alternatively, experience Vienna's charms, such as the famous Landtmann Kaffeehaus once frequented by Sigmund Freud and Gustav Mahler.

Day Seven

Today we return to Prague through the wonderful South Bohemian countryside. This evening, why not take to the River Vltava for our optional dinner cruise and a final opportunity to enjoy Prague's stunning monuments? It's a perfect way to end a wonderful tour.

Day Eight

Transfer back to the airport for check-in and your flight home.


 Departure AirportDatePrice From
Birmingham15 May 2017 £779.00
Birmingham01 Jun 2017 £809.00
Birmingham05 Jun 2017 £789.00
Birmingham12 Jun 2017 £809.00
Birmingham19 Jun 2017 £819.00
Birmingham22 Jun 2017 £789.00
Birmingham26 Jun 2017 £789.00
Birmingham03 Jul 2017 £799.00
Birmingham10 Jul 2017 £819.00
Birmingham31 Jul 2017 £819.00
Birmingham07 Aug 2017 £809.00
Birmingham28 Aug 2017 £809.00
Birmingham04 Sep 2017 £819.00
Birmingham07 Sep 2017 £789.00
Birmingham11 Sep 2017 £789.00
Birmingham14 Sep 2017 £789.00
Birmingham18 Sep 2017 £789.00
Birmingham25 Sep 2017 £789.00
Birmingham28 Sep 2017 £789.00
Birmingham02 Oct 2017 £769.00
Birmingham09 Oct 2017 £749.00
Birmingham16 Oct 2017 £719.00
Bristol15 May 2017 £809.00
Bristol01 Jun 2017 £779.00
Bristol05 Jun 2017 £779.00
Bristol12 Jun 2017 £779.00
Bristol19 Jun 2017 £879.00
Bristol22 Jun 2017 £809.00
Bristol26 Jun 2017 £779.00
Bristol03 Jul 2017 £789.00
Bristol10 Jul 2017 £839.00
Bristol31 Jul 2017 £789.00
Bristol07 Aug 2017 £839.00
Bristol28 Aug 2017 £799.00
Bristol04 Sep 2017 £779.00
Bristol07 Sep 2017 £779.00
Bristol11 Sep 2017 £779.00
Bristol14 Sep 2017 £779.00
Bristol18 Sep 2017 £779.00
Bristol25 Sep 2017 £779.00
Bristol28 Sep 2017 £779.00
Bristol02 Oct 2017 £739.00
Bristol05 Oct 2017 £739.00
Bristol09 Oct 2017 £739.00
Bristol16 Oct 2017 £719.00
Bristol26 Oct 2017 £719.00
Bristol02 Nov 2017 £699.00
East Midlands15 May 2017 £789.00
East Midlands05 Jun 2017 £809.00
East Midlands12 Jun 2017 £809.00
East Midlands19 Jun 2017 £809.00
East Midlands26 Jun 2017 £809.00
East Midlands03 Jul 2017 £809.00
East Midlands10 Jul 2017 £809.00
East Midlands31 Jul 2017 £809.00
East Midlands07 Aug 2017 £809.00
East Midlands28 Aug 2017 £809.00
East Midlands04 Sep 2017 £809.00
East Midlands11 Sep 2017 £809.00
East Midlands18 Sep 2017 £869.00
East Midlands25 Sep 2017 £809.00
East Midlands02 Oct 2017 £789.00
East Midlands09 Oct 2017 £769.00
East Midlands16 Oct 2017 £739.00
Edinburgh15 May 2017 £809.00
Edinburgh01 Jun 2017 £819.00
Edinburgh05 Jun 2017 £819.00
Edinburgh12 Jun 2017 £819.00
Edinburgh19 Jun 2017 £819.00
Edinburgh22 Jun 2017 £819.00
Edinburgh26 Jun 2017 £909.00
Edinburgh03 Jul 2017 £859.00
Edinburgh10 Jul 2017 £819.00
Edinburgh31 Jul 2017 £819.00
Edinburgh07 Aug 2017 £809.00
Edinburgh28 Aug 2017 £809.00
Edinburgh04 Sep 2017 £819.00
Edinburgh11 Sep 2017 £819.00
Edinburgh18 Sep 2017 £819.00
Edinburgh25 Sep 2017 £819.00
Edinburgh02 Oct 2017 £779.00
Edinburgh09 Oct 2017 £779.00
Edinburgh16 Oct 2017 £749.00
Glasgow15 May 2017 £859.00
Glasgow05 Jun 2017 £819.00
Glasgow19 Jun 2017 £819.00
Glasgow26 Jun 2017 £819.00
Glasgow03 Jul 2017 £819.00
Glasgow10 Jul 2017 £819.00
Glasgow31 Jul 2017 £889.00
Glasgow07 Aug 2017 £859.00
Glasgow28 Aug 2017 £809.00
Glasgow04 Sep 2017 £819.00
Glasgow11 Sep 2017 £819.00
Glasgow18 Sep 2017 £819.00
Glasgow25 Sep 2017 £819.00
Glasgow02 Oct 2017 £819.00
Glasgow09 Oct 2017 £779.00
Glasgow16 Oct 2017 £779.00
Leeds Bradford01 Jun 2017 £789.00
Leeds Bradford22 Jun 2017 £819.00
Leeds Bradford07 Sep 2017 £839.00
Leeds Bradford14 Sep 2017 £789.00
Leeds Bradford28 Sep 2017 £789.00
Leeds Bradford05 Oct 2017 £749.00
Liverpool15 May 2017 £779.00
Liverpool05 Jun 2017 £799.00
Liverpool12 Jun 2017 £799.00
Liverpool19 Jun 2017 £799.00
Liverpool26 Jun 2017 £799.00
Liverpool03 Jul 2017 £799.00
Liverpool10 Jul 2017 £799.00
Liverpool31 Jul 2017 £799.00
Liverpool07 Aug 2017 £799.00
Liverpool28 Aug 2017 £799.00
Liverpool04 Sep 2017 £799.00
Liverpool11 Sep 2017 £799.00
Liverpool18 Sep 2017 £799.00
Liverpool25 Sep 2017 £799.00
Liverpool02 Oct 2017 £749.00
Liverpool09 Oct 2017 £749.00
London Gatwick15 May 2017 £749.00
London Gatwick01 Jun 2017 £759.00
London Gatwick05 Jun 2017 £759.00
London Gatwick12 Jun 2017 £759.00
London Gatwick19 Jun 2017 £759.00
London Gatwick22 Jun 2017 £809.00
London Gatwick26 Jun 2017 £759.00
London Gatwick03 Jul 2017 £819.00
London Gatwick10 Jul 2017 £769.00
London Gatwick31 Jul 2017 £809.00
London Gatwick07 Aug 2017 £779.00
London Gatwick28 Aug 2017 £779.00
London Gatwick04 Sep 2017 £799.00
London Gatwick07 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Gatwick11 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Gatwick14 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Gatwick18 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Gatwick25 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Gatwick28 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Gatwick02 Oct 2017 £719.00
London Gatwick05 Oct 2017 £719.00
London Gatwick09 Oct 2017 £719.00
London Gatwick16 Oct 2017 £709.00
London Gatwick26 Oct 2017 £709.00
London Gatwick02 Nov 2017 £689.00
London Heathrow15 May 2017 £809.00
London Heathrow01 Jun 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow05 Jun 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow12 Jun 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow19 Jun 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow22 Jun 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow26 Jun 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow03 Jul 2017 £839.00
London Heathrow10 Jul 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow31 Jul 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow07 Aug 2017 £809.00
London Heathrow28 Aug 2017 £809.00
London Heathrow04 Sep 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow07 Sep 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow11 Sep 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow14 Sep 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow18 Sep 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow25 Sep 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow28 Sep 2017 £819.00
London Heathrow02 Oct 2017 £809.00
London Heathrow05 Oct 2017 £809.00
London Heathrow09 Oct 2017 £809.00
London Heathrow16 Oct 2017 £769.00
London Heathrow26 Oct 2017 £769.00
London Heathrow02 Nov 2017 £749.00
London Luton15 May 2017 £769.00
London Luton01 Jun 2017 £779.00
London Luton05 Jun 2017 £779.00
London Luton12 Jun 2017 £779.00
London Luton19 Jun 2017 £779.00
London Luton22 Jun 2017 £779.00
London Luton26 Jun 2017 £779.00
London Luton03 Jul 2017 £789.00
London Luton10 Jul 2017 £789.00
London Luton31 Jul 2017 £789.00
London Luton07 Aug 2017 £849.00
London Luton28 Aug 2017 £799.00
London Luton04 Sep 2017 £779.00
London Luton07 Sep 2017 £779.00
London Luton11 Sep 2017 £779.00
London Luton14 Sep 2017 £779.00
London Luton18 Sep 2017 £779.00
London Luton25 Sep 2017 £779.00
London Luton02 Oct 2017 £739.00
London Luton05 Oct 2017 £739.00
London Luton09 Oct 2017 £739.00
London Luton16 Oct 2017 £719.00
London Luton26 Oct 2017 £719.00
London Luton02 Nov 2017 £699.00
London Stansted15 May 2017 £749.00
London Stansted01 Jun 2017 £759.00
London Stansted05 Jun 2017 £759.00
London Stansted12 Jun 2017 £759.00
London Stansted19 Jun 2017 £759.00
London Stansted22 Jun 2017 £759.00
London Stansted26 Jun 2017 £759.00
London Stansted03 Jul 2017 £769.00
London Stansted10 Jul 2017 £769.00
London Stansted31 Jul 2017 £849.00
London Stansted07 Aug 2017 £779.00
London Stansted28 Aug 2017 £779.00
London Stansted04 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Stansted07 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Stansted11 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Stansted14 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Stansted18 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Stansted25 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Stansted28 Sep 2017 £759.00
London Stansted02 Oct 2017 £719.00
London Stansted05 Oct 2017 £709.00
London Stansted09 Oct 2017 £719.00
London Stansted16 Oct 2017 £709.00
London Stansted26 Oct 2017 £709.00
London Stansted02 Nov 2017 £689.00
Manchester15 May 2017 £779.00
Manchester01 Jun 2017 £799.00
Manchester05 Jun 2017 £799.00
Manchester12 Jun 2017 £799.00
Manchester19 Jun 2017 £829.00
Manchester22 Jun 2017 £799.00
Manchester26 Jun 2017 £799.00
Manchester03 Jul 2017 £799.00
Manchester10 Jul 2017 £799.00
Manchester31 Jul 2017 £799.00
Manchester07 Aug 2017 £819.00
Manchester28 Aug 2017 £799.00
Manchester04 Sep 2017 £799.00
Manchester07 Sep 2017 £799.00
Manchester11 Sep 2017 £799.00
Manchester14 Sep 2017 £799.00
Manchester18 Sep 2017 £799.00
Manchester25 Sep 2017 £799.00
Manchester28 Sep 2017 £799.00
Manchester02 Oct 2017 £749.00
Manchester05 Oct 2017 £749.00
Manchester09 Oct 2017 £749.00
Manchester16 Oct 2017 £719.00
Manchester26 Oct 2017 £719.00
Manchester02 Nov 2017 £699.00
Newcastle15 May 2017 £779.00
Newcastle05 Jun 2017 £889.00
Newcastle12 Jun 2017 £789.00
Newcastle19 Jun 2017 £839.00
Newcastle03 Jul 2017 £799.00
Newcastle10 Jul 2017 £839.00
Newcastle31 Jul 2017 £859.00
Newcastle07 Aug 2017 £889.00
Newcastle28 Aug 2017 £809.00
Newcastle04 Sep 2017 £879.00
Newcastle11 Sep 2017 £809.00
Newcastle18 Sep 2017 £789.00
Newcastle25 Sep 2017 £789.00
Newcastle02 Oct 2017 £759.00
Newcastle09 Oct 2017 £759.00
Newcastle16 Oct 2017 £719.00

Prague, Vienna and Budapest Touring Hotels

You will be staying in a series of well-located hotels, all of which will be of at least three-star standard.

Find out more

Further Information

Hotel transfer times

The transfer time from the airport to your hotel is approximately 45 minutes.

Combining hotel transfers

We sometimes need to combine transfers to and from your hotel. We always try to keep any wait to a minimum, but you may be asked to wait at the airport for up to an hour, while other incoming flights arrive, before the transfer to your hotel. Similarly, we may need to transfer you back to the airport up to three hours before your flight home departs.

Changes to your hotels

This holiday is very popular, and we have limited rooms in the hotels described. If demand is high on a particular date we may accommodate you in an alternative hotel, of a similar standard, in a convenient location for the tour. Full details of your hotel will be sent with your Joining Instructions.

Currency on holiday

The local currency in Austria and Bratislava is the Euro. In Prague it is the Czech Koruna, and in Budapest it is the Hungarian Forint.

Special requirements

If you have notified us of any special requirements, please check that they have been noted and acknowledged. This is especially important with any dietary needs you may have.

Itinerary changes

Occasionally, for operational reasons, we may have to change the order of the excursions on your holiday. The final day-by-day itinerary will be confirmed on your Final Travel Documents, which you will receive approximately three weeks prior to your departure.

Disabled access

The majority of our tours involve a certain amount of walking, including a short walk from the coach stop to your hotel, or the town, attraction or venue you're visiting. If you are bringing a wheelchair, please let us know at the time of booking so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

*Low deposit of £75 per person applies to new bookings made between 7th February and 31st March 2017 (inclusive) only. This offer only applies to selected air-inclusive holidays. This offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

Prague, Budapest and Vienna Reviews collected by Reevoo

Prague, Budapest & Vienna reviews verified by reevooReevoo

Prague, Budapest & ViennaScores 8.4 out of 10 based on 510 reviews
(4 out of 10)


Indian Queens Single traveller
Potentially excellent. But our guide, though very pleasant, did not seem to be aware of the need to anticipate what would help to put clients completely at ease in an unknown environment. Extra information, freely given and not extracted with difficulty at a client's request. Eg - exactly how to use trams, specific trams needed between hotel and eg Old Town Square in Prague. Specific, local information - handed out on a sketch map? I discovered, on my last day in Prague, that the best route by foot to the Old Town was along the River Danube. But not before I had negotiated a couple of exhausting walks through streets with the help of the map provided which was not easy to follow. (Language.) We should have been given more specific information about restaurants near the hotel. Again - a sketch map handed out? The guide did not allow for the fact that some people might not be as fit as she is - and distances which she described as 'not far' were often quite a good way! Also, you might think it useful to look again at the timing of events in Budapest. After the morning castle tour, we were given 3 hours for lunch in an area which offered little in the way of places to sit back and relax - streets of tall buildings and few obvious restaurants. Then after the boat trip at 4 pm, we got back to the hotel with very little time left to get ready for the evening folklore evening! Perhaps the boat trip could be a little earlier? Lastly, the guide did not deal well with my request for info about the Lipizzaner Riding School in the best way. Surely a simple phone call to them would have been the simplest way? But she took me on one of her forced marches to the School so I could find out myself - rushing through Vienna in our lunch break - so in fact I did not even have time for lunch. Other people were also interested in this - maybe some info could be ready, available for people in future? And I do not wish to be unkind about our guide, as she was well-meaning and pleasant, but she should really not respond to a question by saying "I told you that three times already"! I found it quite funny actually, outrageous, but funny. Perhaps she has little experience of how to be pro-active about providing nitty gritty information to help clients orientate themselves. Or the sheer value of hand-outs which give clients information to digest at leisure. I was happy to see the three cities, but somehow, this was in spite of, not because of our guide. I shall go back to Travelsphere in future. Here the Tour Managers meet you in England, fly out with you, and become an integral part of your holiday, joining in everything in a friendly, outgoing way, providing useful sheets of information, making sure they are contactable at all times in case of emergency, and creating an enjoyable sense of family or community within the group. And contributing to the fun.
Confirmed traveller: 27 October 2016
Published on: 07 November 2016
(8 out of 10)


Bradford Couple
Good local guides, very nice places to see, but need to be prepared for early starts and tiring days if you're an older traveller. Glad to have some whole days free to do our own thing. Very glad we went.
Confirmed traveller: 27 October 2016
Published on: 03 November 2016
(10 out of 10)


Wheatley, near Oxford. Couple
The flight arrangements were delayed on both the outward and inward journeys by matters beyond the control of Newmarket Holidays, a minor aircraft fault going to Prague and fog at Gatwick coming home. My overall impression was that the whole week was rushed. I did not return home refreshed. Two nights later I had a dreadful nightmare about missed transport connections in a foreign city where I could not speak the language. I think this was partly because I made a poor initial choice. Two capital cities in a week would have been sufficient. Secondly, an hour in a Viennese palace {Schoenbrunn] can scarcely do it justice. At the end of the hour, I appreciated the merits of modern Scandinavian design in furniture more than ever. One can overdose visually on chandileers and roccoco decoration. A minor detail, I personally would not have chosen to watch a video about looted works of art by Klimt during our journey back to Prague on Wednesday 26th. I would have preferred to continue to enjoy the views, snooze or chat. Another minor niggle: the first room I had in the Hotel Manes in Prague smelt of tobacco. I could only deduce this was caused by a maintenance team having visited it to assess a cracked window pane. I also feel it would have been helpful in Prague if we had been given brief guidance about the nightlife. On two occasions, returning to the hotel from a concert near the Charles Bridge at 9.45, I found the receptionist waiting like a sleepy watchman to buzz us in. Surely this is early by British standards.
Confirmed traveller: 27 October 2016
Published on: 03 November 2016
(5 out of 10)


London Family
I am at the moment drafting a formal complaint regarding this holiday.
Confirmed traveller: 27 October 2016
Published on: 03 November 2016
(10 out of 10)


Northamptonshire Couple
Had a great time. Met some wonderful people, saw some fabulous place and can not wait to go somewhere else with Newmarket. A great way to get a taste of places and then to go back and spend more time.
Confirmed traveller: 27 October 2016
Published on: 02 November 2016
(10 out of 10)


Hertfordshire Friends
A thoroughly enjoyable holiday. Hotel in Prague could have been better. Access for coach was poor, bath in room couldn't be used as water was brown. Reported but not fixed.
Confirmed traveller: 27 October 2016
Published on: 01 November 2016
(5 out of 10)


Tour guide was pleasant enough and clear communicator-repeated where and when we were meeting. Hotel rooms were comfortable and clean but no tea making facilities in all but one. Breakfasts were adequate and with choice.
Walking tours and 2 hour folklore evening OK but dinner river cruise was a buffet meal and food ran out. Also one pointed out what might have been of interest to see on deck-so we missed the lit up penquins and weir etc. History museum I wanted to visit in Vienna was shut and i was told the opera house was also shut. Therefore long time to kill before coach back to hotel.
Too much travelling and information overload. No restaurant in two of hotels and Prague hotel reception area too small for 35 traveller's-we had to stand in passageway. Lift held two people, took forever to get to rooms on arrivals.
This tour was not for us, too much: packing and unpacking; getting on and off coach; service station stops for lunch (popular choice for coaches it seems as struggled to get a seat).
Arrival and departure was managed well by Lena, our tour manager, and she was patient in answering the groups many questions. Other tour guides were good but George (think this was budapest) made the walking tour so interesting and I liked his humour and way of delivering the information.
Confirmed traveller: 27 October 2016
Published on: 01 November 2016