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India - Tigers, the Taj Mahal & Amritsar’s Golden Temple

14 Days From £1699*
Departing November 2014 - May 2016
* Price shown: 13 Sep 2017 from London Heathrow - LHR
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The highlights and heritage of India

Search for tigers and see the unforgettable Taj Mahal on this enthralling tour of Northern India. You'll discover a beguiling Himalayan hill state, beautiful Himachal-Pradesh, and witness the Golden Temple's sacred ceremonies at Amritsar, in the prosperous province of the Punjab.

Tour Highlights And Inclusions

  • A guided tour of the sights of New Delhi
  • Enjoy a traditional rickshaw ride through Old Delhi
  • Visit Jaipur's 'Palace of the Winds'
  • A stay in Ranthambhore National Park, including two safaris
  • Enjoy a village visit and a cookery demonstration in Dholpur
  • A guided tour of Agra, 'City of Love'
  • A visit to the immortal Taj Mahal
  • Explore 'Heritage Village' Pragpur
  • A drive through the foothills of the Himalayas
  • Witness the Palki ceremony at the Golden Temple
  • Visits to Amritsar's Golden Temple by day and night
  • A visit to the Jallianwala Bagh memorial park
  • See the Indo-Pakistani border closing ceremony
  • 12 nights' half-board accommodation in a series of good-quality hotels in Delhi (2 nights), Jaipur (2), Ranthambhore (2), Dholpur (1), Agra (1), Pragpur (2) and Amritsar (2)
  • Six lunches
  • Return flights to Delhi
  • An internal flight between Amritsar and Delhi
  • Comfortable, air-conditioned coach travel and transfers
  • Fully escorted by a friendly, experienced Tour Manager

Single rooms are available for a supplement

N.B. Visas are required for travel on this tour (see Further Information)


Day One

Fly overnight from the UK to Delhi.

Day Two

Meet your Tour Manager and transfer to your hotel for lunch and the chance to freshen up. Today you'll enjoy a guided tour of the Old City, as well as an exciting rickshaw ride through the lanes of Chandni Chowk.

Day Three

Explore New Delhi, with its echoes of the British Raj, and visit the impressive Agrasen ki Baoli stepwell and the ruins of the ancient Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque. This afternoon, you'll travel to the 'Pink City' of Jaipur, where you will enjoy a two-night stay.

Day Four

Visit Amber's extraordinary hill-top fort, travelling by jeep to explore the Royal Halls and enjoy magnificent views. This afternoon, see the sights of Jaipur, including the stunning City Palace museum complex, the famous astronomical observatory and the 18th-century 'Palace of the Winds'. Dinner tonight is with a local Rajasthani family in the city.

Day Five

Beautiful Ranthambhore National Park is one of the best examples of India's conservation programme Project Tiger, and the destination for your next two-night stay. Rest and relax in the park's surroundings, or join this afternoon's optional excursion to take in the views from Ranthambhore Fort.

Day Six

Today's highlights will be two canter (open-air vehicle) safaris in the company of a knowledgeable naturalist guide, giving you more chances to search for signs of the legendary 'Tigers of Ranthambhore'. Lunch is also included today.

Day Seven

Travel to Dholpur today, and enjoy a visit to the local village during the afternoon. Spend the night here, enjoying an evening cookery demonstration before dinner.

Day Eight

An early morning cruise on the Chambal River offers the opportunity to spot crocodiles, turtles and an assortment of birds. Then, travel to Agra, the 'City of Love', whose crowning glory is the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal. Visit majestic Agra Fort before your first sight of the 'Taj' - a monument to undying love - viewed in all its glory at sunset.

Day Nine

Start your day with an early morning and a sunrise visit to the Taj Mahal from across the Yamuna River. Afterwards, bid farewell to Agra, and make your way back to Delhi for an overnight stay.

Day 10

This morning, we'll board the air-conditioned Shatabdi Express train heading north from Delhi to Jalandhar. On arrival, enjoy lunch, and then transfer to Pragpur hill station, where you'll stay for the next two nights.

This former Royal settlement was declared India's first Heritage Village and has become a living museum radiating relaxed charm, history and culture. Highlights include the 19th-century artificial Taal pond - the centre of village life - the colourful temples and the traditional artisans' shops.

There will also be a cookery demonstration at the hotel during your stay.

Day 11

Spend a full day out into the foothills of the Himalayas, calling at Dharamsala. This former British hill station still draws international visitors - as does its upper town, McLeod Ganj, not least because it's the Dalai Lama's home-in-exile. On our return, we'll stop to enjoy exceptional views and afternoon tea at hilltop Kangra Fort.

This evening, enjoy dinner at your hotel.

Day 12

A scenic journey crosses the Punjabi plain and continues to Amritsar. Freshen up at your hotel before the perfect introduction to this city.

At the breathtaking Golden Temple, Sikhism's holiest shrine, join the throng for the extraordinary Palki ceremony. Visitors are welcome to join the devotees who line the bridge over the sacred lake each evening for the procession of the Granth Sahib, Sikhism's Holy Book. You will also have the chance to visit the bustling bazaar in the heart of the Old Town.

Day 13

Today brings another opportunity to visit the Golden Temple. The jewel-encrusted, golden-domed main temple, the vast dining hall - where food is distributed free to some 35,000 people each day - and the Central Sikh Museum are all highlights of a fascinating day.

You'll also visit the poignant Jallianwala Bagh memorial park, which commemorates one of the bloodiest days in Indian history. This evening, you'll make the short journey out to the Indo-Pakistani border crossing at Wagah, where the gates are closed and the flags lowered at sunset in a colourful, unforgettable ceremony.

Day 14

This morning we'll head to the airport to board your flight home to the UK, arriving back in the UK late this afternoon.


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Edinburgh06 Sep 2017 £1899.00
Edinburgh13 Sep 2017 £1899.00
Edinburgh04 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Edinburgh11 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Edinburgh18 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Edinburgh25 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Edinburgh01 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Edinburgh08 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Edinburgh15 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Edinburgh22 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Edinburgh17 Jan 2018 £2049.00
Edinburgh24 Jan 2018 £2049.00
Edinburgh31 Jan 2018 £2049.00
Edinburgh07 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Edinburgh14 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Edinburgh21 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Edinburgh28 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Edinburgh03 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Edinburgh07 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Edinburgh10 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Edinburgh14 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Edinburgh11 Apr 2018 £1969.00
Edinburgh18 Apr 2018 £1969.00
Edinburgh25 Apr 2018 £1969.00
Edinburgh02 May 2018 £1949.00
Edinburgh09 May 2018 £1949.00
Edinburgh16 May 2018 £1949.00
Edinburgh12 Sep 2018 £1949.00
Edinburgh19 Sep 2018 £1949.00
Edinburgh26 Sep 2018 £1949.00
Edinburgh03 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Edinburgh10 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Edinburgh17 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Edinburgh24 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Edinburgh31 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Edinburgh07 Nov 2018 £2099.00
Edinburgh14 Nov 2018 £2099.00
Edinburgh21 Nov 2018 £2099.00
Glasgow06 Sep 2017 £1899.00
Glasgow13 Sep 2017 £1899.00
Glasgow04 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Glasgow11 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Glasgow18 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Glasgow25 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Glasgow01 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Glasgow08 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Glasgow15 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Glasgow22 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Glasgow17 Jan 2018 £2049.00
Glasgow24 Jan 2018 £2049.00
Glasgow31 Jan 2018 £2049.00
Glasgow07 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Glasgow14 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Glasgow21 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Glasgow28 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Glasgow03 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Glasgow07 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Glasgow10 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Glasgow14 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Glasgow11 Apr 2018 £1969.00
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Glasgow25 Apr 2018 £1969.00
Glasgow02 May 2018 £1949.00
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Glasgow16 May 2018 £1949.00
Glasgow12 Sep 2018 £1949.00
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Glasgow26 Sep 2018 £1949.00
Glasgow03 Oct 2018 £2099.00
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Glasgow17 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Glasgow24 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Glasgow31 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Glasgow07 Nov 2018 £2099.00
Glasgow14 Nov 2018 £2099.00
Glasgow21 Nov 2018 £2099.00
London Heathrow06 Sep 2017 £1699.00
London Heathrow13 Sep 2017 £1699.00
London Heathrow04 Oct 2017 £1849.00
London Heathrow11 Oct 2017 £1849.00
London Heathrow18 Oct 2017 £1849.00
London Heathrow25 Oct 2017 £1849.00
London Heathrow01 Nov 2017 £1899.00
London Heathrow08 Nov 2017 £1899.00
London Heathrow15 Nov 2017 £1899.00
London Heathrow22 Nov 2017 £1899.00
London Heathrow17 Jan 2018 £1849.00
London Heathrow24 Jan 2018 £1849.00
London Heathrow31 Jan 2018 £1849.00
London Heathrow07 Feb 2018 £1879.00
London Heathrow14 Feb 2018 £1879.00
London Heathrow21 Feb 2018 £1879.00
London Heathrow28 Feb 2018 £1879.00
London Heathrow03 Mar 2018 £1879.00
London Heathrow07 Mar 2018 £1879.00
London Heathrow10 Mar 2018 £1879.00
London Heathrow14 Mar 2018 £1879.00
London Heathrow11 Apr 2018 £1769.00
London Heathrow18 Apr 2018 £1769.00
London Heathrow25 Apr 2018 £1769.00
London Heathrow02 May 2018 £1749.00
London Heathrow09 May 2018 £1749.00
London Heathrow16 May 2018 £1749.00
London Heathrow12 Sep 2018 £1749.00
London Heathrow19 Sep 2018 £1749.00
London Heathrow26 Sep 2018 £1749.00
London Heathrow03 Oct 2018 £1899.00
London Heathrow10 Oct 2018 £1899.00
London Heathrow17 Oct 2018 £1899.00
London Heathrow24 Oct 2018 £1899.00
London Heathrow31 Oct 2018 £1899.00
London Heathrow07 Nov 2018 £1899.00
London Heathrow14 Nov 2018 £1899.00
London Heathrow21 Nov 2018 £1899.00
Manchester06 Sep 2017 £1899.00
Manchester13 Sep 2017 £1899.00
Manchester04 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Manchester11 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Manchester18 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Manchester25 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Manchester01 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Manchester08 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Manchester15 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Manchester22 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Manchester17 Jan 2018 £2049.00
Manchester24 Jan 2018 £2049.00
Manchester31 Jan 2018 £2049.00
Manchester07 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Manchester14 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Manchester21 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Manchester28 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Manchester03 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Manchester07 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Manchester10 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Manchester14 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Manchester11 Apr 2018 £1969.00
Manchester18 Apr 2018 £1969.00
Manchester25 Apr 2018 £1969.00
Manchester02 May 2018 £1949.00
Manchester09 May 2018 £1949.00
Manchester16 May 2018 £1949.00
Manchester12 Sep 2018 £1949.00
Manchester19 Sep 2018 £1949.00
Manchester26 Sep 2018 £1949.00
Manchester03 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Manchester10 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Manchester17 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Manchester24 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Manchester31 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Manchester07 Nov 2018 £2099.00
Manchester14 Nov 2018 £2099.00
Manchester21 Nov 2018 £2099.00
Newcastle06 Sep 2017 £1899.00
Newcastle13 Sep 2017 £1899.00
Newcastle04 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Newcastle11 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Newcastle18 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Newcastle25 Oct 2017 £2049.00
Newcastle01 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Newcastle08 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Newcastle15 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Newcastle22 Nov 2017 £2099.00
Newcastle17 Jan 2018 £2049.00
Newcastle24 Jan 2018 £2049.00
Newcastle31 Jan 2018 £2049.00
Newcastle07 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Newcastle14 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Newcastle21 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Newcastle28 Feb 2018 £2079.00
Newcastle03 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Newcastle07 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Newcastle10 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Newcastle14 Mar 2018 £2079.00
Newcastle11 Apr 2018 £1969.00
Newcastle18 Apr 2018 £1969.00
Newcastle25 Apr 2018 £1969.00
Newcastle02 May 2018 £1949.00
Newcastle09 May 2018 £1949.00
Newcastle16 May 2018 £1949.00
Newcastle12 Sep 2018 £1949.00
Newcastle19 Sep 2018 £1949.00
Newcastle26 Sep 2018 £1949.00
Newcastle03 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Newcastle10 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Newcastle17 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Newcastle24 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Newcastle31 Oct 2018 £2099.00
Newcastle07 Nov 2018 £2099.00
Newcastle14 Nov 2018 £2099.00
Newcastle21 Nov 2018 £2099.00

Tigers, Taj Mahal and Amritsar Touring Hotels

You will be staying in a series of well-located hotels, all of which will be of a four- and five-star standard. In all cases, rooms have private bathrooms and air conditioning.

Find out more

Further Information

Chambal River cruise

Cruise is dependent on water levels.

Hotel transfer times

The transfer time from the airport to your hotel is approximately one hour.

Passports and visas

British citizens require machine-readable passports when travelling overseas. Your passport must contain two blank pages and be valid for 180 days after your return date from India. A visa is also required for entry to India. Full details of how and when to apply will be sent out about eight weeks before departure. British CITIZENS and some other European nationals satisfying certain conditions may use the online e-Tourist Visa application process at a cost of $62 (US) per person. Other British passport holders, who are not British CITIZENS, must apply for a full visa which costs £112. You may also, at extra cost, use the services of CIBT, our recommended visa handling partner, who will handle the whole process for you. Note that all travellers of Pakistani descent, regardless of citizenship, will generally be subject to more detailed processing by the Indian authorities, which can take up to four months from application.

On your flight

All outbound flights leave in the evening and land at your destination the next day. All return flights leave in the morning and land in the UK on the same day. On-board meals will usually include dinner and breakfast on outbound flights, and lunch and a snack on the flight home. Drinks are complimentary.

Luggage allowance

You are permitted to take one suitcase per person on the aircraft, which should not exceed 23kg.

Special requirements

If you have notified us of any special requirements, please check that they have been noted and acknowledged. This is especially important with any dietary needs you may have.

Disabled access

The majority of our tours involve a certain amount of walking, including a short walk from the coach stop to the town, attraction or venue you're visiting. If you are bringing a wheelchair, please let us know at the time of booking so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Travel vaccinations

Requirements and advice can vary over time, and from person to person, so please contact your GP about eight weeks before your trip to check whether you need any vaccinations or any other preventive measures.

Itinerary changes

Occasionally, for operational reasons, we may have to change the order of the excursions on your holiday. The final day-by-day itinerary will be confirmed on your Final Travel Documents, which you will receive approximately three weeks prior to your departure.

Changes to your hotels

Should circumstances require, we reserve the right to accommodate you in alternative hotels, of a similar standard, nearby. Full details of your hotels will be sent with your Final Travel Documents.

*Low deposit of £75 per person applies to new bookings made between 7th February and 31st March 2017 (inclusive) only. This offer only applies to selected air-inclusive holidays. This offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

India - Tigers, the Taj Mahal and Amritsar's Golden Temple Reviews collected by Reevoo

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India - Tigers, the Taj Mahal & Amritsar?s Golden TempleScores 8.9 out of 10 based on 140 reviews
(10 out of 10)


Danbury, Chelmsford. Couple
A full 14 days. Takes in all the essential highlights of north east India, made better by tour manager Sargu, who was well informed, organised and humorous. Thoroughly enjoyed our introduction to India.
Confirmed traveller: 07 March 2017
Published on: 16 March 2017
(9 out of 10)


A memorable time and one I will not forget
Confirmed traveller: 07 March 2017
Published on: 12 March 2017
(9 out of 10)


York Couple
This was an excellent holiday, The variety of things we saw and places we went to made it one of our best experiences ever. The organisation, facilities and arrangements were pretty-much flawless. Just take out the enforced visits to several trade showrooms to make it perfect!
Confirmed traveller: 28 February 2017
Published on: 16 March 2017