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Hidden Portugal

8 Days From £539*
Departing April - October 2016
* Price shown: 16 Apr 2017 from London Luton - LTN
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See a different side: Discover hidden Portugal

For many, a Portugal holiday might mean a package trip to the Algarve, but head north and you'll discover a very different Portugal: a world that's far removed from manicured golf courses, packed resorts and tourist traps.

Based in a choice of excellent hotels, close to the historic Costa Verde fishing town of Povoa de Varzim, this revealing, relaxing holiday includes three expertly-guided excursions: one to Oporto, one along the Costa Verde and one into the northern Minho region.

Take full advantage of the further optional tours and you'll also have the opportunity to explore the vineyards of the Douro Valley, visit the former capital, Braga, and see with your own eyes the famed pilgrimage shrine at Santiago de Compostela.

Get a different view; book your Hidden Portugal holiday today.

Hidden Portugal Tour Highlights

  • Discover Portugal's most romantic city, Oporto, in its striking setting above the River Douro
  • Visit a Port wine lodge
  • Journey along the scenic Costa Verde
  • Explore the Vinho Verde vineyards and discover the ancient Roman bridge at historic Ponte de Lima
  • Explore the fishing towns of Povoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde
  • Enjoy guided visits to Viana do Castelo and Valenca do Minho, highlights of a day spent in the northern Minho region

It's all included in the price

  • Seven nights' dinner, bed and breakfast accommodation at the three-star Estalagem Santo Andre, Povoa de Varzim (upgrades available)
  • Return flights to Oporto
  • Comfortable, air-conditioned coach travel and transfers
  • Fully escorted by a friendly, experienced Tour Manager

Single rooms available for a supplement

Must try: A refreshing glass of Port with delicious swordfish entradas upon the banks of the River Douro, just by the The Dom Lu?I Bridge in Oporto.
Fascinating fact: The funicular railway, connecting the Bom Jesus shrine to Braga, is powered by water, and is the oldest such kind in the world.

You say: "So many hidden places which you never knew existed. Really, I'd like to come back again."

Resort Information

The historic fishing town of Povoa de Varzim, situated north of Oporto on the Costa Verde, is blessed with beautiful beaches and clean sea air. A selection of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as the well-known Monumental Casino and a golf course, ensure Povoa's good reputation as a holiday resort.

Hidden Portugal Tour Itinerary

Every day a new experience

Day One: Arrive in Oporto

Fly to Oporto and transfer to your hotel.

Day Two: Explore Oporto and visit a well-known wine lodge

Our first included excursion is a full-day visit to Oporto, the ancient, time-weathered city that clings to the hillsides above the beautiful River Douro. During the day, there will also be a visit to one of the famous wine lodges, plus an optional boat trip will also be available.

Day Three: Take the option of touring the Douro River Valley

On today's optional excursion you can travel along the Douro River Valley, through the romantic Amarante and scenic Mesao Frio, to the port of Regua, the home of Port wine. You'll visit a working quinta, and have the opportunity to stroll through the estate's vineyards.

Day Four: Visit Povoa de Varzim, Vila do Conde and Esposende

With its sea air and beautiful beaches, a selection of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants (most serving freshly caught seafood), plus the well-known Monumental Casino, you'll quickly see why Povoa is such a popular and much-loved resort.

From there, you'll have time to explore Vila's colourful market, before continuing to Esposende, famous for its wide beaches and the 17th-century Fort of Sao Joao Baptista.

Day Five: Visit Barcelos and Braga on an optional excursion

Join our full-day, optional tour to discover Barcelos, home to Europe's largest open-air market. And, from there, continue to historic Braga, former Catholic capital of Portugal, to see the fabled Bom Jesus shrine and its marvellous views.

Day Six: Take the option to visit Santiago de Compostela

The last of the optional excursions takes you across the border into Spain to visit historic and beautiful Santiago de Compostela. At the city's heart is the superbly preserved Romanesque cathedral, perhaps the first-ever tourist destination for the millions of medieval pilgrims who visited the shrine.

Day Seven: Tour the Minho region

Your included tour of the Minho region takes you to Viana do Castelo, on the River Lima, to see the Basilica de Santa Lucia. From here, you'll continue to the historic market town of Ponte de Lima, famous for its 18th-century fountain and Roman bridge.

Day Eight: Fly home to the UK

Transfer back to the airport for check-in and your flight home.


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Birmingham16 Apr 2017 £569.00
Birmingham30 Apr 2017 £609.00
Birmingham14 May 2017 £619.00
Birmingham04 Jun 2017 £669.00
Birmingham11 Jun 2017 £669.00
Birmingham25 Jun 2017 £669.00
Birmingham03 Sep 2017 £669.00
Birmingham10 Sep 2017 £669.00
Birmingham17 Sep 2017 £669.00
Birmingham24 Sep 2017 £669.00
Bristol20 Apr 2017 £599.00
Bristol27 Apr 2017 £599.00
Bristol04 May 2017 £619.00
Bristol11 May 2017 £619.00
Bristol18 May 2017 £619.00
Bristol25 May 2017 £619.00
Bristol01 Jun 2017 £659.00
Bristol08 Jun 2017 £659.00
Bristol29 Jun 2017 £659.00
Bristol24 Aug 2017 £729.00
Bristol31 Aug 2017 £729.00
Bristol07 Sep 2017 £669.00
Bristol14 Sep 2017 £669.00
Bristol21 Sep 2017 £669.00
Bristol28 Sep 2017 £669.00
Bristol05 Oct 2017 £639.00
Bristol12 Oct 2017 £639.00
Bristol19 Oct 2017 £569.00
London Gatwick20 Apr 2017 £599.00
London Gatwick27 Apr 2017 £579.00
London Gatwick30 Apr 2017 £579.00
London Gatwick04 May 2017 £619.00
London Gatwick11 May 2017 £619.00
London Gatwick14 May 2017 £649.00
London Gatwick18 May 2017 £619.00
London Gatwick21 May 2017 £619.00
London Gatwick25 May 2017 £679.00
London Gatwick01 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Gatwick04 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Gatwick08 Jun 2017 £679.00
London Gatwick11 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Gatwick18 Jun 2017 £679.00
London Gatwick25 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Gatwick29 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Gatwick02 Jul 2017 £719.00
London Gatwick24 Aug 2017 £739.00
London Gatwick31 Aug 2017 £719.00
London Gatwick03 Sep 2017 £679.00
London Gatwick07 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Gatwick10 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Gatwick14 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Gatwick17 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Gatwick21 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Gatwick24 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Gatwick28 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Gatwick05 Oct 2017 £619.00
London Gatwick12 Oct 2017 £619.00
London Gatwick19 Oct 2017 £549.00
London Luton16 Apr 2017 £539.00
London Luton20 Apr 2017 £579.00
London Luton27 Apr 2017 £579.00
London Luton30 Apr 2017 £579.00
London Luton04 May 2017 £619.00
London Luton11 May 2017 £619.00
London Luton14 May 2017 £619.00
London Luton18 May 2017 £619.00
London Luton21 May 2017 £619.00
London Luton25 May 2017 £619.00
London Luton01 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Luton04 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Luton08 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Luton11 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Luton18 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Luton25 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Luton29 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Luton02 Jul 2017 £719.00
London Luton24 Aug 2017 £719.00
London Luton31 Aug 2017 £719.00
London Luton03 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Luton07 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Luton10 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Luton14 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Luton17 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Luton21 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Luton24 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Luton28 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Luton05 Oct 2017 £619.00
London Luton12 Oct 2017 £619.00
London Luton19 Oct 2017 £549.00
London Stansted16 Apr 2017 £609.00
London Stansted20 Apr 2017 £579.00
London Stansted27 Apr 2017 £579.00
London Stansted30 Apr 2017 £579.00
London Stansted04 May 2017 £619.00
London Stansted11 May 2017 £619.00
London Stansted14 May 2017 £619.00
London Stansted18 May 2017 £619.00
London Stansted21 May 2017 £619.00
London Stansted25 May 2017 £619.00
London Stansted01 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Stansted04 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Stansted08 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Stansted11 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Stansted18 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Stansted25 Jun 2017 £679.00
London Stansted29 Jun 2017 £649.00
London Stansted02 Jul 2017 £739.00
London Stansted24 Aug 2017 £749.00
London Stansted31 Aug 2017 £719.00
London Stansted03 Sep 2017 £689.00
London Stansted07 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Stansted10 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Stansted14 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Stansted17 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Stansted21 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Stansted24 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Stansted28 Sep 2017 £659.00
London Stansted05 Oct 2017 £619.00
London Stansted12 Oct 2017 £619.00
London Stansted19 Oct 2017 £549.00
Manchester16 Apr 2017 £559.00
Manchester20 Apr 2017 £579.00
Manchester27 Apr 2017 £579.00
Manchester30 Apr 2017 £579.00
Manchester04 May 2017 £619.00
Manchester11 May 2017 £619.00
Manchester14 May 2017 £619.00
Manchester18 May 2017 £619.00
Manchester21 May 2017 £619.00
Manchester25 May 2017 £619.00
Manchester01 Jun 2017 £649.00
Manchester04 Jun 2017 £649.00
Manchester08 Jun 2017 £649.00
Manchester11 Jun 2017 £649.00
Manchester18 Jun 2017 £689.00
Manchester25 Jun 2017 £649.00
Manchester29 Jun 2017 £649.00
Manchester02 Jul 2017 £719.00
Manchester24 Aug 2017 £759.00
Manchester31 Aug 2017 £719.00
Manchester03 Sep 2017 £679.00
Manchester07 Sep 2017 £659.00
Manchester10 Sep 2017 £659.00
Manchester14 Sep 2017 £659.00
Manchester17 Sep 2017 £659.00
Manchester21 Sep 2017 £659.00
Manchester24 Sep 2017 £659.00
Manchester28 Sep 2017 £659.00
Manchester05 Oct 2017 £619.00
Manchester12 Oct 2017 £619.00
Manchester19 Oct 2017 £549.00

Estalagem Santo Andre

Santo Andre, Povoa de Varzim

The family-run Santo Andre enjoys a great location right beside a beautiful beach, making it the ideal base for holidaymakers wishing to spend some lazy days in the sun.

Find out more

Axis Vermar Beach Hotel

Povoa de Varzim, Portugal

Boasting a fantastic location next to the beach, the four-star Axis Vermar Beach Hotel provides a relaxing home-from-home for guests wishing to soak up the sun. The hotel offers a wonderful range of amenities, including two tennis courts.

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Further Information

Market opening times

The market in Vila do Conde will only be open for tours that depart the UK on a Thursday. The market in Barcelos will only be open for tours that depart the UK on a Sunday.

Hotel transfer times

The transfer time from the airport to your hotel is approximately 30 minutes.

Combining hotel transfers

We sometimes need to combine transfers to and from your hotel. We always try to keep any wait to a minimum, but you may be asked to wait at the airport for up to an hour, while other incoming flights arrive, before the transfer to your hotel. Similarly, we may need to transfer you back to the airport up to three hours before your flight home departs.

Special requirements

If you have notified us of any special requirements, please check that they have been noted and acknowledged. This is especially important with any dietary needs you may have.

Disabled access

The majority of our tours involve a certain amount of walking, including a short walk from the coach stop to the town, attraction or venue you're visiting. If you are bringing a wheelchair, please let us know at the time of booking so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Itinerary changes

Occasionally, for operational reasons, we may have to change the order of the excursions on your holiday. The final day-by-day itinerary will be confirmed on your Final Travel Documents, which you will receive approximately three weeks prior to your departure.

*Low deposit of £75 per person applies to new bookings made between 7th and 28th February 2017 (inclusive) only. This offer only applies to selected air-inclusive holidays. This offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time.

Hidden Portugal Reviews collected by Reevoo

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Hidden PortugalScores 8.2 out of 10 based on 229 reviews
(9 out of 10)


Penrith Couple
Blessed with exceptional weather. Mary-Anne was a brilliant tour guide. Hotel location & food great - some nice tours.
Confirmed traveller: 03 November 2016
Published on: 15 November 2016
(8 out of 10)


Derbyshire Single traveller
A most enjoyable holiday, stayed at the Esteglem Santo Andre. A small and homely hotel about 10 minutes drive from Povoa. This was not an issue as I went out every day. If you did not participate in the excursions this could be a bit remote as there is nothing to do nearby. The food was good , served at the table which encouraged people to mix. There is plenty of food and it is hot. The rooms were spacious and comfortable with plenty of clean towels and a very good shower. Staff were helpful, no complaints . The guide Marianne was very cheerful and helpful too.
Confirmed traveller: 03 November 2016
Published on: 14 November 2016
(9 out of 10)


Broadstairs, Kent Couple
A very interesting holiday both physically & intellectually.

All the historical etc. information given by MaryAnn and the beauty of the countryside
especially as we were so fortunate to enjoy warm sunshine.

The Axis Vermar hotel was in a really good position as we could walk into town or the other way along by the beach and enjoy a good coffee at one of the cafes.

The only problem can be regarding booking Optional Tours if the other members of the group are a bit 'stick in the mud'! Fortunately MaryAnn was able to arrange a mini-bus for 2 trips so we only lost out on one and we spent that day discovering more about Porto made easier by the fact that the Porto Metro goes as far as Povoa de Varzim.
Confirmed traveller: 03 November 2016
Published on: 13 November 2016