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Elvis Presley’s Memphis, New Orleans & Nashville

9 Days From £1249*
Departing March 2012 - May 2014
* Price shown: 25 Apr 2017 from Manchester - MAN
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Discover Elvis Presley's Memphis, as well as New Orleans and Nashville on a holiday to America.

Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams... BB King, Robert Johnson? Louis Armstrong? Roy Orbison, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins? the one and only Elvis Presley.

No doubt you can add many more names to the roll call of country music, blues, jazz and rock 'n' roll greats. And on this special tour you can celebrate your love of their music, as well as their legacy, by visiting the places that inspired them. You'll also be able to see the studios where they recorded their classic tracks.

American culture and history are an essential part of this holiday in other ways, too, as you'll discover on our programme of included and optional excursions. Whether you're visiting the St. Louis cemetery, dining aboard a traditional paddle steamer or cruising through Cajun swampland, every part of this tour is designed to make the absolute most of your time in this unique part of the USA.

Ready to rock and roll? Find out what else you can look forward to when you travel with us.

Elvis Presley's Memphis, New Orleans And Nashville Tour Highlights

What you can look forward to

  • Visiting Montgomery, the resting place of country legend Hank Williams
  • Journeying through the sleepy countryside of Alabama
  • Spending two nights in New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz
  • The atmosphere of New Orleans' famous French Quarter
  • Visiting Elvis's tiny birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi
  • Exploring cotton capital Memphis, Tennessee, once home to The King
  • Memphis' "home of the blues" and famous Beale Street
  • Discovering Nashville, the world capital of country music
  • Visiting the Chattanooga of "choo-choo" fame

It's all included in the price

  • Seven nights' room-only accommodation at a series of excellent hotels in Montgomery (one night), New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville (two nights each)
  • Return flights from your chosen airport to Atlanta
  • Coach travel and transfers
  • The services of a friendly, experienced Tour Manager

Single rooms are available for a supplement

Must try: Holding a baby alligator.
Must taste: Memphis is famous for smoky barbecue. Or try seafood gumbo in New Orleans.
Fascinating fact: Sun Studio in Memphis is the spot where the million-dollar quartet of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash came together for an impromptu jam session in December 1956.

You say: "This is my fourth time on this trip. Enjoyed every minute on all my trips. My party with me enjoyed it, too, and said they would do it again."

Your Elvis Presley's Memphis, New Orleans and Nashville Tour itinerary

Every day a new experience

Day One: Arrive in Atlanta and transfer to Montgomery

Fly into Atlanta, then transfer by coach to the Alabama state capital, Montgomery. Spend the night in the city where country legend Hank Williams lies at rest, and where a dedicated museum celebrates his all-too-short but spectacular career.

Day Two: Travel to Louisiana, explore New Orleans and enjoy a riverboat jazz cruise

The gentle landscape of Harper Lee's Alabama gives way to the vast wetlands of Louisiana as we follow the Gulf Coast to New Orleans, the 'Big Easy.' When you arrive, you can head out to absorb the energy and atmosphere of this famous city, or, for a real taste of Americana, join us for an optional dinner jazz cruise on board Natchez, a traditional-style steamboat.

Day Three: Take a tour of the Big Easy and visit the swampland

Take advantage of our optional guided tour and have the Big Easy brought to life by an enthusiastic, expert guide. No doubt you've seen the iron-balconies and covered sidewalks of the French Quarter in movies and on TV, but today you'll be able see them for real. You'll also get to walk among (and photograph) the brightly painted wooden houses of Treme, and see the three spires of St Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square.

Later, head into the surrounding countryside on our optional Louisiana swampland excursion which takes you, by boat, through the famous Manchac Swamp. You'll learn about Louisiana's wetlands and wildlife, including the alligators you'll be looking out for along the way. Plus, you'll find out more about the history of the Cajun town of Frenier.

You'll then return to the 'Quarter' for a night exploring the bars and clubs where the sounds and spirits of Louis Armstrong and 'King' Oliver live on.

Day Four: Head to Tupelo, Mississippi, then move on to Memphis

In a change of tempo, jazz switches to rock 'n' roll as you leave New Orleans to head to Elvis Presley's birthplace: Tupelo, Mississippi. Here, you'll have time to visit the tiny house where The King was born (entrance payable locally), and after paying homage at the place where history was made, you'll continue to Memphis.

Settle in to your hotel, then perhaps head to legendary Beale Street for an evening of food, drink and music: the perfect combination.

Day Five: Visit Sun Studio and Graceland

Today's full-day optional excursion is an unmissable pilgrimage. Our first stop is Sun Studio, where musical greats including Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and BB King all recorded. From there we'll head to the world's most famous rock 'n' roll residence, Graceland, Elvis's beloved home and estate, where you'll also have plenty of time to explore and pay your respects.

Day Six: Journey through Tennessee to Nashville

Sit back and relax as our air-conditioned coach carries you through the rolling woods and farmland of Tennessee to Nashville, the city that remains the heart and soul of country music.

Day Seven: Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Studio B

Today's optional excursion is another you really don't want to miss, as we delve into the history behind the sound at the Country Music Hall of Fame, and discover the legendary recording studio that spawned more hit songs than any other in America: Studio B.

Day Eight: Travel south and through Chattanooga to Atlanta

Our final day takes us south, via Chattanooga (of "choo choo" fame), as we return to Atlanta Airport where you'll check in for your flight back to the UK.

Day Nine: Arrive home in the UK

Arrive home, after an overnight flight, with a head full of memories and (probably) an irresistible desire to revisit your Elvis, country, blues, jazz and rock 'n' roll music collections.


 Departure AirportDatePrice From
Aberdeen23 Jan 2018 £1649.00
Aberdeen06 Feb 2018 £1649.00
Aberdeen13 Mar 2018 £1649.00
Aberdeen20 Mar 2018 £1669.00
Aberdeen27 Mar 2018 £1669.00
Aberdeen03 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen10 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen17 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen01 May 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen08 May 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen15 May 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen22 May 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen12 Jun 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen21 Aug 2018 £1729.00
Aberdeen28 Aug 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen04 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen11 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen18 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen25 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Aberdeen02 Oct 2018 £1679.00
Aberdeen09 Oct 2018 £1679.00
Aberdeen30 Oct 2018 £1669.00
Aberdeen06 Nov 2018 £1639.00
Belfast City23 Jan 2018 £1649.00
Belfast City06 Feb 2018 £1649.00
Belfast City13 Mar 2018 £1649.00
Belfast City20 Mar 2018 £1669.00
Belfast City27 Mar 2018 £1669.00
Belfast City03 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City10 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City17 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City01 May 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City08 May 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City15 May 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City22 May 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City12 Jun 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City21 Aug 2018 £1729.00
Belfast City28 Aug 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City04 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City11 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City18 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City25 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Belfast City02 Oct 2018 £1679.00
Belfast City09 Oct 2018 £1679.00
Belfast City30 Oct 2018 £1669.00
Belfast City06 Nov 2018 £1639.00
Edinburgh23 Jan 2018 £1649.00
Edinburgh06 Feb 2018 £1649.00
Edinburgh13 Mar 2018 £1649.00
Edinburgh20 Mar 2018 £1669.00
Edinburgh27 Mar 2018 £1669.00
Edinburgh03 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh10 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh17 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh01 May 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh08 May 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh15 May 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh22 May 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh12 Jun 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh21 Aug 2018 £1729.00
Edinburgh28 Aug 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh04 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh11 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh18 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh25 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Edinburgh02 Oct 2018 £1679.00
Edinburgh09 Oct 2018 £1679.00
Edinburgh30 Oct 2018 £1669.00
Edinburgh06 Nov 2018 £1639.00
Glasgow23 Jan 2018 £1649.00
Glasgow06 Feb 2018 £1649.00
Glasgow13 Mar 2018 £1649.00
Glasgow20 Mar 2018 £1669.00
Glasgow27 Mar 2018 £1669.00
Glasgow03 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow10 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow17 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow01 May 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow08 May 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow15 May 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow22 May 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow12 Jun 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow21 Aug 2018 £1729.00
Glasgow28 Aug 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow04 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow11 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow18 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow25 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Glasgow02 Oct 2018 £1679.00
Glasgow09 Oct 2018 £1679.00
Glasgow30 Oct 2018 £1669.00
Glasgow06 Nov 2018 £1639.00
London Heathrow11 Apr 2017 £1349.00
London Heathrow18 Apr 2017 £1349.00
London Heathrow02 May 2017 £1349.00
London Heathrow09 May 2017 £1349.00
London Heathrow06 Jun 2017 £1349.00
London Heathrow17 Aug 2017 £1449.00
London Heathrow22 Aug 2017 £1449.00
London Heathrow29 Aug 2017 £1439.00
London Heathrow05 Sep 2017 £1439.00
London Heathrow12 Sep 2017 £1439.00
London Heathrow19 Sep 2017 £1439.00
London Heathrow26 Sep 2017 £1439.00
London Heathrow03 Oct 2017 £1439.00
London Heathrow10 Oct 2017 £1439.00
London Heathrow05 Dec 2017 £1379.00
London Heathrow23 Jan 2018 £1449.00
London Heathrow06 Feb 2018 £1449.00
London Heathrow13 Mar 2018 £1449.00
London Heathrow20 Mar 2018 £1469.00
London Heathrow27 Mar 2018 £1469.00
London Heathrow03 Apr 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow10 Apr 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow17 Apr 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow01 May 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow08 May 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow15 May 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow22 May 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow29 May 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow12 Jun 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow21 Aug 2018 £1529.00
London Heathrow28 Aug 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow04 Sep 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow11 Sep 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow18 Sep 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow25 Sep 2018 £1499.00
London Heathrow02 Oct 2018 £1479.00
London Heathrow09 Oct 2018 £1479.00
London Heathrow30 Oct 2018 £1469.00
London Heathrow06 Nov 2018 £1439.00
Manchester23 May 2017 £1299.00
Manchester06 Jun 2017 £1299.00
Manchester13 Jun 2017 £1299.00
Manchester29 Aug 2017 £1399.00
Manchester05 Sep 2017 £1399.00
Manchester19 Sep 2017 £1379.00
Manchester03 Oct 2017 £1379.00
Manchester10 Oct 2017 £1379.00
Manchester21 Nov 2017 £1299.00
Manchester05 Dec 2017 £1279.00
Manchester23 Jan 2018 £1349.00
Manchester06 Feb 2018 £1349.00
Manchester13 Mar 2018 £1349.00
Manchester20 Mar 2018 £1349.00
Manchester17 Apr 2018 £1439.00
Manchester01 May 2018 £1449.00
Manchester08 May 2018 £1449.00
Manchester15 May 2018 £1449.00
Manchester22 May 2018 £1449.00
Manchester29 May 2018 £1449.00
Manchester12 Jun 2018 £1449.00
Manchester28 Aug 2018 £1449.00
Manchester11 Sep 2018 £1449.00
Manchester25 Sep 2018 £1449.00
Manchester02 Oct 2018 £1439.00
Manchester09 Oct 2018 £1439.00
Manchester06 Nov 2018 £1349.00
Newcastle11 Apr 2017 £1499.00
Newcastle18 Apr 2017 £1449.00
Newcastle02 May 2017 £1499.00
Newcastle09 May 2017 £1499.00
Newcastle06 Jun 2017 £1499.00
Newcastle13 Jun 2017 £1499.00
Newcastle22 Aug 2017 £1649.00
Newcastle29 Aug 2017 £1649.00
Newcastle05 Sep 2017 £1649.00
Newcastle12 Sep 2017 £1639.00
Newcastle19 Sep 2017 £1639.00
Newcastle26 Sep 2017 £1639.00
Newcastle03 Oct 2017 £1639.00
Newcastle10 Oct 2017 £1639.00
Newcastle23 Jan 2018 £1649.00
Newcastle06 Feb 2018 £1649.00
Newcastle13 Mar 2018 £1649.00
Newcastle20 Mar 2018 £1669.00
Newcastle27 Mar 2018 £1669.00
Newcastle03 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle10 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle17 Apr 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle01 May 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle08 May 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle15 May 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle22 May 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle12 Jun 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle21 Aug 2018 £1729.00
Newcastle28 Aug 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle04 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle11 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle18 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle25 Sep 2018 £1699.00
Newcastle02 Oct 2018 £1679.00
Newcastle09 Oct 2018 £1679.00
Newcastle30 Oct 2018 £1669.00
Newcastle06 Nov 2018 £1639.00

Nashville and New Orleans Touring Hotels

The hotels used on our tours will meet the standard of a good, three-star European hotel. Rooms will have private bathrooms, telephones and TV. The vast majority will also have tea- and coffee-making facilities. There will always be a bar or restaurant on site or nearby.

Find out more

Further Information

Hotel transfer times

The transfer time from the airport to your hotel is approximately two hours.

Passports and visas

When travelling to the USA, British citizens require passports with an integrated chip (shown on the front by a small rectangular symbol beneath the word PASSPORT), valid beyond the return date from the USA. Visas are not normally required for entry, but visitors must apply for an ESTA online with US Immigration at least 72 hours before departure at . The current charge is $14 for British Citizens. British subjects and anyone who has a criminal record or has ever been arrested should consult the US Embassy as a visa may be required. Note too that if you have visited Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia or Yemen since March 2011, or have dual nationality with any of these countries, you do require a US visa and cannot travel on the Visa Waiver Program.

New Orleans Carnival

The February 6th 2018 departure offers the chance to see the city pre-Mardi Gras. Enjoy the party atmosphere as decorated floats run through the streets, as they're readied for the annual Shrove Tuesday celebration.

Graceland Christmas Decorations

The December 5th, 19th and 26th 2017 departures will see Graceland Mansion decorated for Christmas. Join our optional tour in Memphis, and see a life-size nativity scene, Santa's sleigh on the lawn and the house decorated throughout with trees and decorations.


Gratuities are a way of life in North America, and it is generally accepted that they form part of a person's earnings. The customary gratuity for a coach driver or Tour Manager is about $5 per person per day. It is normal to tip 15-20 per cent of the bill for a taxi or in a restaurant, and to leave a dollar or so per drink in a bar.


Smoking is not permitted on any coach forming part of your holiday; regular stops will be made though for your comfort en route. The majority of hotels in North America are non-smoking throughout including in all bedrooms. In general smoking outside is acceptable, but do look out for signs prohibiting this close to public entrances or bus stops.

On your flight

All outbound flights depart and arrive on the same day. All return flights leave in the evening and land in the UK the next day. On-board meals will usually include lunch and a snack on outward flights, and dinner and breakfast on flight home. Soft drinks are complimentary, but some airlines will charge for alcoholic drinks.

Luggage allowance

You are permitted to take one suitcase per person on the aircraft, which should not exceed 23kg.

Special requirements

If you have notified us of any special requirements, please check that they have been noted and acknowledged. This is especially important with any dietary needs you may have.

Disabled access

The majority of our tours involve a certain amount of walking, including a short walk from the coach stop to the town, attraction or venue you're visiting. If you are bringing a wheelchair, please let us know at the time of booking so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Itinerary changes

Occasionally, for operational reasons, we may have to change the order of the excursions on your holiday. The final day-by-day itinerary will be confirmed on your Final Travel Documents, which you will receive approximately three weeks prior to your departure.

Changes to your hotels

Should circumstances require, we reserve the right to accommodate you in alternative hotels, of a similar standard, nearby. Full details of your hotels will be sent with your Final Travel Documents.

Hotel rooms

Standard hotel rooms in North America will contain one or two double- or queen-sized beds, and it is not possible to add extra beds to the room. Parties consisting of more than two travellers, but who have only booked one room, will be expected to make use of the two beds provided. If this is a concern, you may wish to consider booking more than one room for your group.

Elvis Presley's Memphis, New Orleans and Nashville Reviews collected by Reevoo

Elvis Presley?s Memphis, New Orleans & Nashville reviews verified by reevooReevoo

Elvis Presley?s Memphis, New Orleans & NashvilleScores 9.0 out of 10 based on 655 reviews
(9 out of 10)


NOTTINGHAM Single traveller
great holiday, New Orleans was good, Memphis was good and Nashville was excellent, hotels are a bit far out from where the action is but they are still good hotels, if you like good music do this trip, the holiday could have been better if we had an extra night in the 3 places, but overall a great holiday with many memories.
Confirmed traveller: 30 November 2016
Published on: 07 December 2016
(10 out of 10)


BAsingstoke Hanys Couple
A very well arranged visit. it was only a short trip but we packed a lot in a short time.
thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the South, aided by our very knowledgeable guide Julie.
Confirmed traveller: 30 November 2016
Published on: 06 December 2016
(9 out of 10)


South Wales Single traveller
Good trip covering music and Elvis of southern usa
Confirmed traveller: 30 November 2016
Published on: 06 December 2016
(5 out of 10)


London Couple
Very tiring and a lot crammed into a short time. The coach was not the most comfortable and disappointing that the hotels, although comfortable, were on the outskirts of town. Whatever else do not waste time on the riverboat cruise and dine, a complete waste of time with unfriendly and indifferent staff and dire food.
Confirmed traveller: 30 November 2016
Published on: 06 December 2016